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Boardman Road Team

When it comes to bikes, you really can get something grand for a grand ? here?s the proof

Score 10

Raleigh SP Race

Carbon-fibre frameset with Shimano Ultegra groupset for £1900

Score 9

Cinelli Saetta Veloce bike test

There aren?t many brands in cycling that merit the overused term ?iconic?, but Cinelli is one that surely does

Score 8

Montura Four

Titanium is still the ultimate do-it-all frame material and now there’s a new home grown option

Whistle WIn

Looking for your first aluminium road bike and an eye-catching girly one at that? We put the rosy Whistle Win through its paces out in the lanes

Moda Tempo

British brand Moda cuts price of its Tempo model to £1399, but has it affected the ride?

Score 9

NeilPryde Diablo 2012

Neilpryde?s background is wetsuits, windsurf and sailing gear, but it has recently come ashore to develop a range of road bikes

Score 8

Mountain bike versus hybrid

So a hybrid is just a mountain bike with bigger wheels and slicker tyres on, right? Professor Lamy dons his lab coat and gets out his Bunsen burner to experiment

Pinarello Dogma 2

We test out Pinarello's range-topping, race-ready Dogma 2

Score 10

Cube GTC Di2

Hands up who wants an affordable electronic shifting system? Everyone, then. We take Cube’s latest Ultegra Di2-specced road bike for a spin (and don’t want to give it back)…

Trek Cronus CX

Cyclo cross is enjoying a thriving resurgence, and hardy cross machines have become extremely popular as do-it-all steeds.

Score 10

Pinnacle Evaporite Two bike

Pinnacle has taken an existing frame to create its Evaporite range, but in kitting it out, has it managed to make a rig that breaks the mould?

Moda Rubato

Spend £1,000 on the Moda Rubato and be prepared to be blown away by its fantastic ride thanks mainly to a brilliant frame and wicked wheels