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Cinelli Xperience

Cinelli Experience

When it comes to bikes, you really can get something grand for a grand ? here?s the proof

Score 9

Cinelli Saetta Veloce bike test

Cinelli Saetta Veloce

There aren?t many brands in cycling that merit the overused term ?iconic?, but Cinelli is one that surely does

Score 8

Cinelli Experience Veloce 2011

Cinelli Experience Veloce £999

Cinelli Experience Veloce £999 - £1000 bike grouptest - We ride and rate four bikes that come in at the government?s Cycle to Work maximum price point of £1,000

Score 9

Cinelli Best Of

Cinelli Best Of

The Cinelli Best Of is just what its name suggests — a bike using Cinelli’s best technologies and construction techniques. Cinelli has chosen to use Columbus tubes wrapped at the…

Score 9