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  • Reasonably priced
  • Calories burned and carbon offset functions
  • Clear display
  • Well made


  • Cycling generates carbon dioxide!


Cateye Velo wireless cycle computer


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Cateye computers tend to mix style, function and often a compact size. The Velo Wireless + is one of the firm’s slightly heftier specimens but then it does offer a couple of extra features – namely calories burnt and carbon offset – in addition to the usual readings.

As expected with Cateye, the computer does its job perfectly. That said, we do have a couple of problems with the extra features. First, both the calorie counter and carbon offset figures only provide a rough guide and are based on arbitrary calculations that don’t take into account the weight you’re shifting or the heights you have climbed.

Second, unless I got the wrong end of the stick in biology class, riding your bike doesn’t save the world from carbon. Carbon dioxide is what we breathe out, all the time, and at a higher rate during exercise. So if you are cycling to work rather than taking a car, fair enough, well done, you’re helping the planet. But if you’re going out for a completely unnecessary hedonistic spin, well then you’re part of the problem, pal.


Jokes aside, this is a classy-looking computer that is easy to install, does the basics well, and gives you
a couple of other things to think about. And all for a reasonable 35 quid.