Bont have managed to fit much of the technology in their top end shoes into the well priced Bont Riot

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  • Heat-Moldable
  • Carbon fibre soled
  • Stiff
  • Comfortable


  • Not much!


Bont Riot


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This product is featured in: Group test: Road shoes under £100.

A pair of heat-moldable, carbon-fibre soled shoes for under £100? Really?

It would seem so. Bont’s incredible Riot is the first in its line-up and sets the bar incredibly high. The sole is actually more of a tub.

A mix of carbon-fibre and glass fibre, a brief stint in the oven at just 70˚ for 20 minutes makes them malleable enough to form to the shape of your foot.


It took me a few attempts to manipulate them in certain areas, but the end result was a light, comfortable shoe with an incredibly stiff sole and a stack height of just 4.8mm to really help get the power down.

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  • Tony Cooper

    Bonts are great had a pair for a year nearly, one draw back is that when the soles get scratched, the scratches are white

  • Kardo

    Seem like good shoes but 10 rating doesn’t say much about how good they are if you rate a lot of things with 10.