Mike Hawkins gets his feet into a pair of Giro Prolight SLX II road shoes, here is how he gets on 100 miles later...

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  • Revised to be stiffer


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Giro Prolight SLX II road shoes


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At the heart of the Prolight update is a revised Easton SLX EC 90 sole that, thanks to better triangulation, offers more stiffness across the platform of the shoe.

Though the previous version wasn’t noticeably flexible when riding, the update is still welcome.

Aiming for a less complicated upper to save weight, the mesh panels are gone and more perforations added on this mark-two version.

Also updated are the foot-pads; the rear is replaceable while the front offers better integrated and more coverage to reduce wear.


Giro has kept the same shoe last, so fit is the same and it’s just the looks and build that have been given a worthwhile refresh.



  • Simon L

    4 sentence review? come on a bit more effort please, I can read that on their website.