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  • Insulates well
  • Fits into pockets


  • Not much


Assos Falkenzahn gilet


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How does Assos dream these names up?

Wherever it comes from, this is not only a name we can get our tongues around, but it’s a concept we rather like, too.

It’s not intended to be a true barrier, so it’s not completely wind and rainproof. It does insulate very well though, so on the move you still stay warm and cosy and don’t really notice any dampness.



The fit is suitably snug and aero and because it’s a medium weight some careful folding will even see it fit into a jersey pocket.

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  • Richard S

    How an Earth could anyone justify spending £180 on a paper thin gilet for use when its not that warm, but not that cold, i.e not that often?!