Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 7


  • Small in bulk
  • Lightweight
  • Good venting


  • Vents a little too big
  • Sits a little too high on the head
  • Not the best fit


Catlike Mixino Helmet


Price as reviewed:


Compared to other brands’ size small helmets in the same price bracket, the Mixino has the smallest external profile and, unsurprisingly perhaps, the lightest weight at 214g.

With 39 vents I certainly wasn’t in danger of overheating, although I could have done with a bug net as some of the holes are pretty big! The retention system is lightweight and easy to adjust single-handed, but I would prefer it to fit slightly lower round my head to feel really secure.


The low profile look is in part thanks to minimal internals, although I was aware of the front to back helmet struts resting on my crown more than usual. A good looking, lightweight helmet, with a couple of fit compromises.

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