After testing the Lazer Z1 road helmet for a few months, it seems that the updated lid has been given the thumbs up from our Tech Editor Mike.

Product Overview


  • Good fit
  • Well vented
  • Staps lay flat


  • Not much


Lazer Z1 helmet



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Only very recently launched, we’ve had a sample on test for a few months and it has proved to be 

Lazer has tweaked the fit to make it slightly more European so it’s longer and thinner than other Lazer helmets — and it’s a big improvement.

At a nudge over 200 grams, the weight is competitive but it’s the additional features that make the Z1 a winner to us. Lazer is pioneering the Rollsys and T-Pro protection systems to increase safety rather than chase down every last gram.



As you’d expect from a helmet with this number of vents, cooling is on a par with other comparable lids, while the straps use a guide that manages to perform that 
simple task that so few seem able to achieve — and that’s to hold the straps flat to the head.

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