Easy to fit and use, the Magicshine Eagle 600 is a highly visible light

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Score 9


  • On-light screen tells the user the remaining battery time
  • Orange side light to aid side-on visibility
  • Good depth and spread of light
  • Range of light modes


  • No flash modes, which would be good for commuting


Magicshine Eagle 600 bike light


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This product is featured in: Best front bike lights for under £100.

The Magicshine Eagle 600 is a great light, easy to fit and offers a high level of visibility. It boasts being the first light to have the option of “full beam, dipped beam or flashing”, giving you complete control on how you are seen. With only one button mounted on top it is easily accessible to the rider.

A screen placed on the top of the light gives you a reading of the remaining battery life and the setting you have it on. Fitting the light is very simple, with a fixed mount that adjusts to nearly any size handlebar with the detachable grip. Once the mount is on the bars there is a simple clip-into-place system to keep the light there, with a single button to push for its release.

Another great feature is the orange side light which may help drivers see you when you’re side-on to them. One improvement to the Eagle system, however, would be the option to have different flash modes. Great for being spotted on the busy commute.

Contact: www.magicshineuk.co.uk 


A good light with some great features, but flashing modes would improve the Eagle system

Full Specification

Lumens :600
Minimum run time :1.5 hours

Modes :7
Charge time :5 hours

USB :Yes
Tool free :Yes

  • J1

    I agree that the super bright flashing ones aren’t a great idea in my eyes, but the smaller, cheaper, less powerful LED lights are a good addition to a main constant light (properly adjusted so as to not blind everyone!).

  • Stinger

    Why are flashing front lights considered to be a good idea? If none of the rest of the bike/rider is properly visible, it’s very difficult to judge the distance of an oncoming bike with a flashing light. And with the powerful ones they are hard to keep looking at. Surely we don’t want drivers to look away! I commute on unlit country roads and it is almost impossible to judge where an oncoming bike is on the road if they have one of the very powerful flashing lights. A blinding flashing light means I cannot see any of the road either, even with my (fantastic) Magicshine lights. I appreciate that on lit city streets a supplementary flashing front light stands out, but the very powerful ones are rather self-defeating.