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Overall rating:

Score 6


  • Good depth and spread of light
  • Range of light modes


  • Blinking mode gap too long
  • Battery display stopped working


Magicshine Eagle 600 bike light


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Better known for its dazzling array of mtb lights, Magicshine recently took the road bike plunge, and impressed us with the diminutive yet powerful MJ-890.

Now it has launched the Eagle 600, whose number denotes the claimed power output in lumens. Depth and spread of light is excellent thanks to the stacked LEDs, while the four power levels and a blinking mode keep things simple and practical.

The perch is a doddle to fit and raises the light well clear of the stem, making it ideal for Garmin users. But sadly, the good news stops there.


The blink mode renders you invisible to traffic for a split-second too long and, after a month of hard use, the once-excellent display (which shows the remaining battery life in hours and minutes) has failed.

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