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Look Keo Blade2 pedals


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Our test Blades came with the cromo axle, 16Nm spring and a weight of 224g for the duo, which, given the competition, seems reasonable for the outlay.

We like the aero style that isn’t trying too hard, and the new wider platform to stabilise the foot better — while not that noticeable it certainly can’t hurt the functionality.

The improved release action that came in with the Blade has been improved again; yet this has left us with one small niggle.


After 100 miles of testing, the bearing seals are still so tight that the pedal can’t ‘hang’ on its own. But given that means better protection for the bearings, we’ll live with it.



  • Ragtag


  • Sile

    I would give these a miss. I bought them about 2 months ago – and compared to the other LOOK pedals (I also have the Keo Classic and Keo Carbon) – these are super tight. Yes, it is changeable, but (unlike their other pedals) it is a complicated process and needs to be done thru a dealer. Because they are so tight, the pedals do not hang correctly, and the flat side is often faced up when I go to clip in. They do have a wider platform, but its not enough to make up for the spring tightness – in my opinion.

  • yenrod

    I’ve learnt more about this from a ‘friends’ on the local chainy…

    Even a short recap on the fact you can select 3 types of cleat that offer a varying amount of movement between fixed, 3 & 6″ of travel to alleviate your knees. Or if you shop around you can get cleats that offer 7″ or even 4.5″ of movement, would be helpful.

    Or that a carbon ‘spring’ blade is changeable for offering different options for release than the quoted 16Nm – 12 & 20 additionally available.

    Or the fact they differ compared to the other models in the range that vary with weights etc…

    And i dont even ride these, Time is my choice even though i like speedplay but am boycotting them due to the cost of the cleats and may consider these as in the long-run they work out better for cleat cost: no more than £10.. AND you can buy cleats covers too !!!

    Please note ALL i didnt get paid for doing the ‘test’ like the actual tester did but offered it FREE.

    This is typical of Cycling Weekly a review like so.