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  • Stable connection
  • 5 degree float


  • Sharp edges


Time Xpresso 6 pedals


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Sitting somewhere in the middle of Time’s range, the Xpresso 6 has pretty much all the features you’d really want without the big price tag. A hollow steel axle with a composite body weighs just over 200g, so bang for buck we think it’s the best in the range.

In the Xpresso range Time has lifted the best features from its predecessor (ie. the brilliant iClic release/closure system) and left behind the problems.

Of course as with any change like this you run the risk of introducing more problems… Well I’m happy to report that the Xpresso 6 pedals I’ve been using for the past six months are working out well.

The wider cleat platform makes for a stable connection, the iClic works better than ever, though the cleat still wears too quickly if walked on regularly – but then that’s the case with most systems.

As a long-term user I get on well with the 5° of float Time systems offer and that’s not changed. In fact in every respect bar one they’re a big step forward.


If there is one thing that you need to be aware of it's that the toe of the pedal has some seriously sharp edges, these need to be filed off or you will gash your leg - blood running down your leg at the cafe is not cool! With one point docked for the sharp edges they're still worthy of your cash.

  • Ken Evans

    No newer Time road pedal has yet been as successful as the old design used by Indurain. “Back to the future”