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Score 8


  • Comfy ride
  • Great on rough roads


  • Not as fast accelerating as a pure road race machine


BMC Granfondo GF01


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If you were to take the two polar opposites of bike riders, the pro peloton and recreational wouldn’t be far out. So when BMC presented the Granfondo GF01 – pitched as perfect for both – it raised a few eyebrows.

It’s been designed for comfort and stability. The supersized down tube, chainstays and tapered head tube set the scene, then there’s the long head tube and a slacker head angle (176mm and 72° respectively for a 56 frame) giving it a reasonably upright, stable position.

Add in BMCs ‘Angle Compliance’ features throughout the full-carbon frame and fork. These are effectively kinks along a tube’s length which absorb the impact from direct hits – acting as a mini suspension and combined with 28mm tyres as standard, equal a very comfortable ride.

The seemingly random pro-hobby-cyclist cocktail actually works. It soaks up road defects and is predictably stable, thanks to those fat tyres, great for all-day adventures or those just wanting a ‘steady as she goes’ ride. But find a pavé-clad road, turn on the gas and suddenly that compliance becomes traction, helping you stay put and allowing continuous forward momentum.

It smooths the otherwise body-battering road surfaces, it certainly kept us fresher and more planted on the few iconic Belgian bergs we rode on it. Equipped with Ultegra Di2 and an on-board chain catcher, also crosses both camps nicely – helping to keep mechanical attention minimal.


Sprightly it ain’t, but if we were about to hit 28 cobbled sectors it might just be our weapon of choice.

Full Specification

Size Tested:51cm
Supplier:Evans Cycles

Size Range:48-61cm
Group Set:Shimano Ultegra Di2

Frame:TCC carbon