The Wahoo KICKR offers all the data you could ever need from your turbo trainer, but at a price which may have your eyes watering.

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Wahoo KICKR trainer


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The Wahoo KICKR has an ever-growing list of compatible apps, making it one of the most comprehensive trainers available for compatible open source software. Apps and training websites like Zwift and Kinomap might cost extra on top of what is undoubtedly an expensive piece of training equipment, but they offer limitless potential for turbo training sessions.

The basic system requires the Wahoo KICKR base unit and a compatible smart phone; the Wahoo Fitness app has more options for data display than we ever needed. Personal training programs can be uploaded, which make complicated HIIT sessions a cinch to follow. The online training portals are the real benefit though, and the only reason you’d really want to pay so much money to get so sweaty in your garage.

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Zwift, for example, is essentially a cycling computer game, and Kinomap lets you follow routes up icon mountain passes. The online services only complicated my own personal training plans, but they do offer an attractive alternative to cycling in a British winter.

For £950, plus an extra £50 each for heart rate and cadence sensors (which you will really need if you’re serious about your training), it’s certainly a sizeable investment. As with all new technology though, you do pay the price to be at the forefront. Prices will inevitably tumble as competition heats up and high-tech gadgets become cheaper, but if you want the absolute best turbo trainer it’s possible to get.

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The Wahoo KICKR is a feature-packed turbo that will give you all the data you’ll ever need in your indoor training. However the price is eye-wateringly high, and we’re not sure if it’s entirely justified.

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