The Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels have plenty of heritage. Can they put it to good use?

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Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels


  • Impressively smooth hubs
  • Subtle graphics
  • Tubeless ready
  • Good on all terrains


  • Heavier than advertised


Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels


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Fulcrum is often many people’s first port of call when looking for new wheels, such is the variety and quality the company offers. The Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels sit at the top of its aluminium range, with a number of features differentiating them from the others in the Racing series.

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The ceramic bearings in the hubs are apparently 30 per cent lighter, 40 per cent more durable and 50 per cent smoother compared to the steel bearings used in other Fulcrum wheels, and you can notice the difference when rolling along on the flat.

The rim depth is increased by 4mm on the rear wheel to increase the power transfer, while the aluminium aero spokes add to this wheelset’s desire to make you go quickly.

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Equally at home when powering along the flat as they are when being thrown around climbing out of the saddle, these are a solid wheel for the price. But weighing in 64g above their advertised weight you could feel slightly hard done by 
by the increased bulk, and the rims are relatively heavy compared to similarly priced wheels such as the American Classic Road Tubeless wheels.

The Fulcrum Zero wheels are quite subtle when it comes to look, so if you want people to know you’ve just spent £800 on a new set of hoops you’ll probably have to tell them rather than wait for the compliments to fly in. That said, if you like the stealthy look, the mostly black features do have a classy feel and will do everything you want out of a wheel upgrade. The fact that the Zeros come as tubeless ready is also an added bonus.

For more details visit the i-ride website.


The Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels are good all-rounders for the price, even if the true weight is a little above what is advertised.


Front Weight:650g
Rear Weight:850g

Skewers Weight:115g
Total Weight:1615g

Spoke Count:16 (front), 21 (rear)
Rim Width:23mm (front), 27mm (rear)

Rim Depth:26mm (front), 30mm (rear)