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Mavic R-Sys Ultimate


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Following the route of the Cosmic Carbone Ultimate, the R-Sys Ultimate uses the same technology as the original R-Sys but in an all-carbon format, barring the aluminium spokes on the non-drive side rear wheel.

Mavic has designed this as an out-and-out lightweight climbing wheelset for the demands of its pro riders, hence its minimal 950g weight.

Mavic has not denied that this wheel is not aero. It is designed to be a stiff and highly responsive wheel for fast attacking accelerations, especially on the climbs.

Using Tracomp technology, the hollow carbon spokes are bonded to the rim and hub. While other lightweight wheels have had a reputation for flexing, the Ultimate gives an incredibly stiff wheel, even for heavier riders. This is down to the hollow spoke design being resistant to compression or stretching; something steel spokes are not.



With tubular rims weighing in at under 250g each, the braking was remarkable and under heavy braking the carbon didn’t compress, being solid and not too dissimilar to an aluminium rim. This wheel accelerates easily with its low rotating weight at the rim and the stiff spoke design makes it a great wheel to ride, even on the flat.

Full Specification
Pros:Very light
Fast acceleration
Good braking

Cons:No cons that we could identify