Park Tool are well known for making high quality products. How did the IB-3 multi-tool stack up?

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  • Sturdy build quality


  • Not the most comfy to use


Park Tool IB-3 multi-tool


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Carrying a multi-tool should be a no brainer for any bicycle user. All bikes function pretty much the same, so if you’re racing your mates up a local climb or simply going from A to B with a bike as transport, the same mechanical ailments can strike. A multi-tool is often all you need to get you out of a bind and get riding again.

The Park Tool IB-3 multi-tool looks unique, and that’s because it’s formed around a central spine that also houses a slide on tyre lever-cum-chain tool operator.

The tool isn’t the most comfortable to use though as you’ll be gripping the tools rather than a metal frame. As mentioned, the attached tyre lever includes a tool to operate the chain tool.

A clever touch, but it was a concern that if the tyre lever broke, you’d also be unable to repair a broken chain, making the tool somewhat redundant.


Those concerns aside, the rest of the metal design is, as always from Park Tool, exceptionally well made and handsomely crafted.

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