Boardman Road Comp

Boardman Road Comp

Boardman Bikes' Road Comp offers a lot for under £700


Boardman bikes announce new flagship range

26th January 2011 Previously only sold in the UK through Halfords stores, Chris Boardman's new Elite bikes are due to be sold all over the world. Luke Evans got a…


Who the heck is Chris Boardman?

21st January 2011 First he was a legend at the Barcelona Olympics 1992, now he is a legend at selling critically-acclaimed bicycles. Chris Sidwells finds out what makes Chris Boardman

Boardman Bikes

Boardman: first Halfords, now the world…

4th October 2010 “As a new brand we are exploring all potential routes to market across all territories around the world,” said Andy Smallwood, Boardman’s director of operations.