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Hailing from the part of France that has a rich history of cycling has paid dividends for Bretagne and earnt them a Tour start. Even though the 2014 Tour de France doesn’t visit Brittany – or go anywhere near it – the team got an invite ahead of other more deserving teams (if going on results alone).

But they’re French, and France’s national Tour needs a plucky French hero. Maybe this year he will come from the team in white and black and give Thomas Voeckler a year off of gurning his way around France. If they get in a few breaks they’ll be happy, if they win a stage or grab a jersey for a few days they’ll be ecstatic.

Tour de France history
Participations: 0
Stage wins: 0
Best overall: n/a
Top 10s: 0
Jersey wins: 0

Tour team: Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra), Anthony Delaplace (Fra), Brice Feillu (France), Romain Feillu (Fra), Armindo Fonseca (Fra), Arnaud Gerard (Fra), Florian Guillou (Fra), Benedict Jarrier (Fra), Florian Vachon (Fra)