Matt Cronshaw SUYS

Show us your scars #15: Matt Cronshaw (video)

Crashing is an occupational hazard for cyclists and something that happens to all professional at one time or another. Despite this, they are often the toughest sportspeople and try and…

Mike northey

Show us your scars #13: Mike Northey (video)

Even in bike races with closed roads, there’s no escaping motor vehicles. Only recently at the Clasica San Sebastian last week, Belgian rider Greg Van Avermaet was felled by a…

tom scully

Show us your scars #11: Tom Scully (video)

Marked by scabs from a recent crash, Madison-Genesis man Tom Scully talks us through the risks of criterium racing, a staple of the British calendar. “Everyone’s pushing to the limit…


Show us your scars #8: Mark McNally (video)

Ah, kids. Whenever they even get a minor injury you’d think they’d been through World War Three with the amount they seem to exaggerate things. And it seems Mark McNally…