Get your RiTMO Rating
RiTMO Ratings are the first and only general measure of cycling performance. Use your RiTMO Rating to compare yourself with others and track your performance over time. And everyone is on the same scale so there’s no more arguing with your mates about who’s better!
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RiTMO syncs with Garmin Connect

CW.CC are excited to announce that members will shortly be able to sync all their ride data directly from Garmin Connect. This will make it easier and quicker for those…

GPS data heatmap

Safer cities through GPS data

Much of the difficulty for governments in providing adequate facilities for city cycling, comes from simply not always knowing where provision is most urgently needed. For the first time though,…

Chris Froome and Richie Porte, Tour de France 2013, stage 14

Does racing need visible sanctions?

What would it have been like if Chris Froome had been shown a red card and sent off, out of the race after taking an illegal feed in the last…

Peters and TV camera, Tour of the Reservoir 2013, stage two

Changing cycling broadcasting

If you’ve ever searched the word ‘bike’ into the website Kickstarter, you’ll know that there is no shortage of technological innovation out there which aims to improve cycling safety and…

Sheffrec CC spring road race 2012

Make 2014 the year you go racing

Racing is intimidating. Well, at least that’s the primary emotion that sticks in the brain when you consider the prospect of your first race. But for many riders who’ve taken…