As part of the 2016 Cycling Weekly Bike of the Year awards, we’ve been looking out for the best endurance bike on the market, something that is ideally suited for making those long days in the saddle just that little bit easier.

However we’re not just looking for the most comfortable bike that money can buy, but something that is still fun to ride and also able to cope when it’s time to put the hammer down.

Winner: Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2

Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2 best endurance bike of the year

The winner of best endurance bike in the 2016 Cycling Weekly Bike of the Year awards is the Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2.

While a lot of endurance bikes focus on comfort at the expensive of all other factors, the Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2 is a much more balanced bike that eats up long days in the saddle for breakfast, but still has a performance edge for when you want to up your average speed and win that sprint for the town sign.

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Most of the comfort comes from the relaxed geometry with the super-long wheelbase that was over a metre on our 56cm test model, but there’s also Giant’s D-Fuse composite seatpost which helps to give a really comfortable back-end which soaks up the worst of any road buzz.

The Defy also comes with a pretty impressive spec for its £2,299 price tag. You get Shimano’s impressive Ultegra mechanical groupset combined with RS785 hydraulic discs which provide powerful and consistent stopping whatever the conditions.

Score: 9

Price: £2,299

Runner Up: BMC Granfondo GF01 Disc Ultegra

bmc granfondo gf01 runner up endurance bike of the year

The runner up in our best value bike of 2016 is the BMC Granfondo GF01 Disc Ultegra.

Like the Giant, the BMC Granfondo GF01 is an endurance bike that is happy to be ridden fast when needed. Fundamentally it’s great fun to ride. The hydraulic disc brakes are impossible to fault and allow you to fly down descents secure in the knowledge that you’re always going to be able to stop once you get the bottom, and the ability to fit 28mm tyres means there’s the option to go off road if you want.

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Wide tyres also mean improved comfort, but most of the credit for the comfortable ride goes to the frame, which means that the carbon layup and geometry have both been engineered to keep you feeling fresh over the couese of long rides. The compact chainset and 11-32t cassette also means that there should always be that extra gear to get you all even the very steepest of climbs.

Score: 9

Price: £3,199

  • Rob Cole

    @FireFiresheps Sheps

    Torayca is a carbon fibre filament manufactured by Japanese company Toray Global. Toray don’t make bike frames, they are a global leader in chemistry which includes carbon frame filament.

    Giant take this filament and manufacture their own carbon fibre cloth in-house in their weave room (very unusual, majority of brands use pre-preg), with their own custom resins so they have full control. They are considered carbon fibre experts for manufacturing on a production scale.

    From public information, they have a sizeable share in Colnago, Giant manufacture everything but the top end C60 which is still hand built in Italy. Pinarellos are actually made in Taiwan by Carbotec out of Japanese Toray pre-preg carbon fibre

  • Firesheps Sheps

    Lmao that old rubbish. Its made by toray and giant dont own that factory but there is a section in the factory that makes pina, scot, trek etc. As for the design all the above do their own R&D so the finished products have bugger all in common. Oh and as for paying more I brought my pina Rokh ultegra for £1475 brand new from halfords
    because i know how and when to buy 😉 oh and to top it all off toray also blend special carbon for the pina dogmas that you’ll never see on a giant 😛

  • Brooke Willson

    And your Pinarello was made in the Giant factory, like Trek and Scott frames. You pay extra for that Italian name, but you don’t get a better bike.

  • nom nom nom. Just as nice as a bowl of cereal.

  • Firesheps Sheps

    A pinarello razha k 105 is a fantastic endurance bike, built from the same mould as the dogma K that sky raced but built using 24 ton high mod carbon instead of 50 ton 😉

  • Seb K

    £3000 . That’s less than a quarter the price of my XC race bike !!!

  • Ed E W

    £2,299 isn’t that bad Jay. Sounds like you’ve been spending too much time at Wal-Mart.

  • Jay Kay

    Anything that cost less than a car…