Electric bikes are becoming more popular, and the technology is improving at a rapid pace. Better battery lives and great looking bikes now make these assisted rides more appealing to a much wider audience.

We’ve previously used electric bikes – or e-bikes if you prefer – to game ride recording apps and to explore further than maybe we would have on a standard road bike.

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The ability to go further is something that has been addressed on newer electric bikes. The Riese & Muller Delite GT Touring E-Bike comes as a full suspension build to keep you riding on all terrains but what’s more it can take two batteries to ensure you never get stranded on what is then just a very heavy bike.

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The next e-bike we’ve picked out for the coming year is the Klever X-Raw, which for starters looks great. Single speed and futuristic looking, this could be a look at the cycle commutes of years to come.

The Giant Road E+ takes a different approach by appearing very similar to a normal road bike, but with enlarged tubing to host the battery. Ideal perhaps for a beginner or more senior club rider, this sort of road electric bike can help smooth out any imbalances in a group ride.

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Further down our list but in no way less deserving of its place in this top five is the Matra I Speed Race, which takes the same approach as the Giant.

All the latest road bike tech is present, with a down tube battery and a top end motor from Bosch.

Finally last but certainly not least is the Pininfarina E-Voluzione. This beautifully design machine comes from a company best know for its work with Ferrari, Fiat and Maserati but has now branched out into electric bikes. The cockpit on this e-bike looks fantastic.